Onscribe™ Server

  • Free tech support
  • Unlimited updates
  • No monthly fees

Own your cloud

Signup for a server license and receive a world-class application with many added benefits, all for a reasonable price. Not only you'll be getting a fully working application right out of the box, but an application built with the latest web standards.

Servers come with all the features of the public service, plus tech support, lifetime updates and a custom-made jewel case.

No monthly fees

With a one time payment and no ongoing fees you get the full benefits of becoming a partner. We appreciate your commitment and don't want to abuse your trust by taking a cut directly from your transactions.


We understand how important your business is and we're giving you full control. Provide the service to the public or to your partners, employees or contractors in a secure and controlled environment. You own the whole application stack and call the shots*.


Easily install Onscribe™ on servers you manage or on your own cloud infrastructure. Onscribe™ is available on AWS and VMware, plus it's configurable to meet your security and regulatory requirements, like SSL, application tracking and IP monitoring.

Lifetime updates

With a server license you are automatically eligible to all future updates! We've spent a lot of time making a solid application and we want you to believe in the codebase as much as we do by sharing it indefinitely. Our code review process creates a constant flow of commits that improves the code quality while your feedback becomes vital throughout the development process.

Guaranteed results

Leveraging existing code saves time and money. Don't risk re-inventing the wheel and get diverted from your actual business, by developing supporting tools and services. Join a supporting group of partners and offload the maintenance and delivery of future updates, while you achieve a better workflow.


We have a people-centric approach and will always be there when you need us. Every Onscribe™ server comes with 10 hours of free tech support, to help you setup the application in your environment. That's in addition to the helpful resources you can find online.

Collaborative Development

Join a network of professionals that use Onscribe™ for their business and improve the platform collaboratively. A widely available development repository gives you direct access to the source codebase and the chance to make substantial contributions. We're confident that you'll want to participate in the development with us, and if anyone improves on the code, everybody wins!

Hand-crafted bundle

Every valid partner receives a complementary edition of the server in a custom-made, hand-crafted package. The custom-made bundle contains a USB with the server, to backup in your private storage and install it in a local server, plus other helpful resources.

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* bound by the terms of service