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An elegant way to

online content

An elegant way to use online content

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Online subscriptions made simple...

For users

All your subscriptions in one place

Keep track of all the content that you subscribe to. Manage your subscriptions in one easy interface.

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For Publishers

Get immediate ROI for your content

Onscribe makes it easy for users to subscribe to your content, so you can get the reward you deserve.

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For developers

An easy API to utilize the service

Access your subscriber data using a simple REST api and SDKs for popular coding languages.

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For Users

Focus on your favorite content

Avoid the pesky ads and constant reminders for support while you feel empowered by immediantely rewarding the people you endorse, using any one of the popular methods supported, like Paypal or Google Wallet.

  • Works both for mobile and desktop content
  • No need to share your financial details
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For Publishers

A convenient way to build traction

Allow your users the freedom to pick their own payment gateway, while Onscribe automates the process of grouping, tracking and reporting on your subscribers.

  • Affordable premium plan
  • Easy installation
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Functional interface for publishers to view products

For Developers

Tools are provided

Get creative with your data and achieve even more with some programming.

We want wholeheartedly to assist devs - visit the dedicated space on Github for more:


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Free for personal use, for life.

Our focus is to create a specialized service around online subscriptions, that can be used broadly in different ways.

We're welcoming everyone that would like to use Onscribe and it is our aim to never apply any fees on the subscriber side; it's the least we can do for honoring us with your participation.

Scalable plans for any requirement ...


per month

For the individual or small team with moderate traffic and products. Free for life, or upgrade anytime.

Easy to use web interface, for desktop and mobile.

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$3.00 FREE
for life, for early adopters

For professonals with high traffic demands. Generous allowance for products and subscriptions.

Easy to use web interface, for desktop and mobile.

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one time fee

Complete control of a server with Onscribe pre-installed, ready to run from your custom domain.

Available as an EC2 server at the AWS marketplace.

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